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5 Little Wardens

Children's Creativity Hub

Welcome to 5 Little Wardens creativity hub. We’re thrilled you’ve decided to read our stories and change your world for a better one. please browse our site to discover what we’re all about.


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More About 5 Little Wardens

“5 Little Wardens” is about five tiny seahorses, with giant characters who live at the bottom of the ocean and despite all their core differences, they keep on with positivity and solve all the issues thrown at them. “Starsh on Mars”  poky they are, they see themselves as guardians of the ocean, protectining everyone and everything.  Each picture book is an exciting escapade that can be sung like a song. While "Bibs’s Room", is an environmental crusade, initiated by a little baby human that poked these tiny seahorses to fix Bibs’s room, "Salvy’S’Pride" is all about seeking peer approval in gender diversity, and in “Joyas Flips," Joyas shares ways on how to re-create a new look for bubble house, while repurposing human disposed objects into cute furniture. Forth book from this series is "Bow Jacabow" that takes on the process of building a rainbow bridge to the water surface to fulfill a promise. Last and final book from this series is due to be launched on Novembre 2023. "Starsh on Mars" will complete the circle from the bottom of the occean into the outer space with lots of fun pictures and lyrics.

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5 Little Wardens


Kindle Edition

“Discover Wardens world of enchanting stories on Kindle! Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of captivating SEAHORSE tales available for download. Start your 5 Little Wardens adventurous story today!”


Book Reading - Speaking - Workshop Bookings

"Dive into enchanting worlds and captivating stories at our Scheduled Book Reading Events! Join us for literary adventures that will spark your imagination and leave you craving for more. You can also schedule a book reading session with Mahdis (Kia) Smith and curb your imagination with captivating seahorse stories. See you soon!"

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, simply get in touch.

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Smiling Young Man

The common sense of originality in Joyas Flips and how it demonstrates  practicing creative activities among young readers is special. 

T. Davis

Portrait of Senior Woman

Colorful characters and simple guessing rhymes, makes Bibs's Room highly engaging for children.

S. Williams

Middle Aged Woman

  Salvy'S'Pride is a lyrical short story that wins your heart over with a perspective on early childhood sexual identity awareness to shape a nonhomophobic society. 

C. Johnson

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Author & Illustrator

Mahdis (Kia) Smith

In the midst of the tricky times brought about by COVID-19, when everything seemed a bit topsy-turvy, an idea sparked in my mind like a shining seashell on the shore. I thought, "Why not conjure up five adorable seahorses, each no bigger than a sprinkle of fairy dust?" These seahorses would be like magical companions, here to sprinkle joy and togetherness into the lives of all my wonderful young pals and their caring parents. And so, with a heart full of hope, I present to you the enchanting tales of the '5 Little Wardens'! Join these tiny seahorses on their mesmerising escapades, and together, let's dive into a world where friendship, courage, love, and gender diversity and equality swirl like the ocean waves. Let the adventures begin! 🌊🐠

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