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The Letter S

Trace your fingers and see where it leads to! How many words can you name that starts with the letter S? Can you SEE the big Ss in the image below? If yes, then complete all the words in the images, and in the last page, circle the objects that start with the S sound. Let's go! #letterS #childrensactivity #seahorse #hippocampe #cavallucciomarino #caballodemar #海马 #Seepferdchen #ιππόκαμπος #समुद्री घोड़े #seeperdjie #dənizati #morskikonj #اسب دریایی #5littlewardens #childrensi

Bibs's Room

Sunshine was tickling Bibs whilst Bibs was hanging out in its cozy room, drawing shapes on the muddy floor, and swinging from roots of one mangrove to another. And then BOOM, something big, white and squishy hit the water… All Bibs could see was bubbles and bubbles, and bang it crumbles! . . . Soon after this moment Bibs will go after the Wardens to come inspect its room, you have a tiny window if you like to paint Bibs's room now. . . You can use the colour set shown on the

Happy Mother's Day!

Color the shapes according to the example and color Starsh and Mama Starsh Yellow. This Mother’s Day, Sunday 8 May, I’m taking part in the 25th Mother’s Day Classic to support life-saving breast cancer research. Because every day, 55 women are diagnosed with breast cancer – and 8 women lose their lives to it. So I’m raising funds to support the vital work of the National Breast Cancer Foundation to improve breast cancer detection, develop new treatments, and allow people with

Inner Strength From Early Childhood

Bouncing back and moving on from devastating events in life, is a great skill that can be achieved from early childhood. Tiny steps in the right direction requires practicing, attentiveness, having will power, being tolerant and easygoing. These are great, simple qualities that can be rehearsed with creatively designed games and activities to give children real skills for life, safe guarding them emotionally, to gain their ultimate potentials. Don't be shy, get in touch and l

COVID Creativity Activities for Children

As a preview to the third book of "5 Little Wardens" series, Joyas has started a jewellery collection to show children how to up-cycle and re-cycle the jewellery they already have. Adding elements of nature like flowers, leaves and shells to re-love them and wear them again. Stay tuned for more information on 5 Little Wardens Instagram page. @5_Little_Wardens #Covidinspirations #Creativity #BudgetActivities #EarlyEducation #Upcycling #5LittleWardens #JoyasFlips #CovidActivit

Color fill and empty your thoughts..

Using a range of primary and secondary colors, children can create their unique piece of art, painting, drawing and upcycling, step by step. Each activity and story is long enough to engage and short enough to entertain children within savy and systematic programs. #ChildrensBook #Educationalposts #5LittleWardens

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