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Wordless Language

Thrilled to be participating in the one and only multi-lingual children/adult bookshop, Iwan bookshop in Brisbane.

There are various barriers to a descent and authentic communication through languages; and when designing books for children, these language obstacles can act even stronger against the purpose of communication.

•How do picture books create a genuine medium of interaction between the two sides of communication (author/illustrator-reader/obsever)?

•Who are the ultimate audiences of picture books?

•How can picture books speak through all languages, limitless and effective?

•Do we need fluency over a foreign language to be able to read a picture book in that language?

These, and many other questions have been controversial to our examination and definition of "literacy" and "education" once considering the process of learning among children in a Multicultural Society. 

⚠️LIMITED VACANCIES  Please BOOK your seat, to join this amazing panel on Sunday 26th of June 2022.

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