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5 Little Wardens; "Salvy's'Pride"

5 Little Wardens; "Salvy's'Pride"

Introducing 5 Little Wardens, a magical Children's book series following the adventures of five tiny seahorses, with giant characters who dwell on the bottom of the ocean. Despite their challenges they manage to keep the positive attitude solving issues thrown at them in everyday ocean-life. In the second book Salvy 's' Pride, Salvy is looking for ways to tell the wardens a BIG secret. But will The Wardens still love Salvy?

Each seahorse represents one element of nature Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and Spiritual force or Space just like the five rings of the Olympic. Each of these beautiful creatures have different gender orientations of Masculine (Represented by Bibs), Feminine (Represented by Joyas), Femininity in Men (Represented by Bow), Masculinity in Women (Represented by Salvy) and Non Gender specific (Represented by Starsh). In attempts to better comprehend human sexual complexities, Klein Sexual Orientation Grid (KSOG) was introduced by (Klein, 1978), to detect where people may fit on the sexual spectrum.

Mahdis Kia hopes that these characters will assist children happily navigate their world and encourage embracing diversity within their friends, family, and community. Each of the five books from "5 Little Wardens" series addresses a different challenge. Salvy 's' Pride aims to highlight importance of practicing honesty, trust and embracing personal differences among friends, family and in society.

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  • Book Details

    Language : English

    Publication Date : 7/16/2020

    Format : Softcover (Paper Back)

    Dimensions : 8.5x8.5

    Page Count : 26

    ISBN : Softcover 978-0-6489119-0-6




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